[bit.listserv.gaynet] One percent

rodney@OXY.EDU (Rodney J. Hoffman) (02/20/90)

About that report about "gays being 1% of the population"....

Don't rush off to write the Raleigh paper.  They're just reporting on an
announcement from someone at this week's American Assoc. for the Advancement
of Science conference in New Orleans.  Check your own local papers.

I don't have the story in front of me, but as I remember, these people
surveyed some 1000+ households around the country.  They report on many
aspects of sexuality.  They found only a little more than 1% of their
respondents saying they were exclusively homosexual since age 18.  They
also report high rates of "no sex in the past year".  Much more.

If no one else types it in sooner, I'll try to remember to bring the article
tomorrow and enter the key findings.

  -- Rodney Hoffman