[bit.listserv.gaynet] reply from Reed

macmillanj@RCHO.WNRE.AECL.CA (02/20/90)

To Joan in Barcelona and Donal in Taiwan:

Hi guys! Got your letters. I've already sent one to you, Joan, and
I'm working on one for you, Donal.
You should be receiving them soon.

Thanks a lot.. Reed

PS. Please send your E-mail addresses. Then my friend John can help me
get in touch with you faster, sometimes. (I still like to write, though.)

7711035%TWNCTU01.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (02/20/90)


   Stop sending those things to Donal if they are about homosexuality! He
has unsub from gaynet and shared his account with one of his friend. If
you sent them to him, his friend will know for sure. I'm sure Donal won't
like that!

  Donal's friend,