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For another story, see 'Science,' 20 January 1989.  I can't figure out
whether the data under analysis came partly from a 1970 survey and partly
from a later one, or whether it's all from the 1970 survey.

In any case, the survey reported that 3+ percent of the respondents had
been exclusively homosexual in the year previous to being surveyed, and
that 20+ percent had had at least one homosexual contact unto orgasm.
Among those who had graduated college, the percentage who had gotten off
at least once homosexually was 31.2 percent.  The study surveyed men only.

The study would not consider me in that 3+ percent because I haven't
gotten laid in the past year.  So it underestimates.  It underestimates
in a more important way, too, which the authors admit:  Any time you ask
someone if they have engaged in homosexual behavior, you can guess that
a lot of closet cases will say, 'Heavens, no!'
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'Speak truth to power.'  --  Elie Wiesel


  Before you jump on a fast moving bandwagon to condemn the survey,
  realize the question.

  "Have you been EXCLUSIVELY homosexual since the age of 18?"

  There are not many on this that can probably say that.  I can not (of
  course I was married at one time and the father of three).  How does one
  get classified as homosexual?
  1.  EXCLUSIVE homosexual activity since the age of 18?
  2.  Any homosexual activity since puberty?
  3.  Significant homosexual activity over your adult life?
  4.  A majority of your sexual experience is homosexual?
      (Of course this is related to the number of experiences)
  5.  A desire for homosexual experience?
  6.  Homosexual wet dreams?
  7.  Wearing underwear other than white in color?
      (This is for real in "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But
       Was Afraid To Ask" -- for good reason)
  8.  Having the ability to color coordinate a room?

  There is no one definition to define who is homosexual except by your
  own admission/recognition/identity.  And besides if it is 1%, 10%, or
  30% is not important.  Oppression is wrong no matter what percent of
  the population happens to be affected!  Unfortunately, we have a society
  with a 51% morality -- if you have the majority you are "right" and the
  minority (what a biased word) is less than legitimate.  We will never
  be a majority (despite our daydreams) and must defend the rights of all
  groups who are less than a majority.