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   On the subject of Eric Scholl's story . . . I don't know if you wanted
(constructive) criticism, so I'll be very brief because I know I hate it when
my work gets cut up.  (Though I must add that I find it necessary and clensing,
and if I ever do post a story here, feel free to hack it to bits.)  I thought
the piece was unneccessarily depressing and violent, especially the part about
carving "lesbian" on her chest.  It did adress the very pressing issue of gay
suicide, but I think more care could have been given to the character and her
mental anguish instead of being so . . . quick.

   And now a question, or series of questions, for the masses.  I've noticed
lately that there have been a lot of postings about how to meet people, become
a couple, and stay together.  (As well as the fascinating sex tips.)  I was
wondering if any of you all had tips on how not to fall in love with your
friends, how to be single and happy, and how to distinguish between the need
for human comfort and caring and just plain horniness.
   I, for one, don't want a SO in my life right now, but I seem to have trouble
believing that.  What I mean is that everyone is so preoccupied with finding or
keeping a lover that I don't know what else there is to do.  And I'm quite at a
loss as to how to go up to people and say, "I don't feel very cared about right
now, will you show me you care", and not sound like I'm coming on to them.
   Ah well, I suppose it's a lovely predicament seeing as there are people who
care.  Someone once said, and I've forgotten who, "seeing is insantaneous, but
it may take a lifetime to open your eyes."

                                Carefully Yours,