[bit.listserv.gaynet] Tsai Chien!

braddlee@UCS.INDIANA.EDU (BRADDLEE,_,TEL) (02/21/90)

By for awhile - It's time to be a responsible droid and do some
dissertation work for a change...

To the person who posted the list of gay tv characters the other day -

I think I can dig up a couple of citations that might be of some help,
and have some summaries that might be of interest to you - I can't
find your message right now, but if you contact me directly by bitnet/
internet, I'll be able to put some stuff together in the next day or
two.  A number of my conference papers and such have been on gay
characters on TV, and I have the references in one on my piles -
oops - I mean files.

A parting comment - I've noticed a lot of the discussion lately seems
to be about who, what, and how - Maybe it makes less difference abour
(about) the categories and more about how people feel about each
other - including the differences.... Take it for what you will.