[bit.listserv.gaynet] What do you think ???

DOUG%YSUB.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Doug Sewell) (02/22/90)

In a recent gay men's periodical, the publisher announced his "F*CK YOU"
list.  He specifically cited Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Yoko
Ono (he also picked George Bush, but I think it might have been deserved

In each case he attacked the invividual on the basis of their wealth and
how little of it they contributed to AIDS research.  For example, about
Steven Spielberg, he said something along the lines of What's a hundred
million dollars ?  Another ET ?  A divorce settlement ?

He told Yoko Ono that she got rich from John and the peace and love
ideals, but now it was time for her to come across for something really

Most (if not all) of the people he attacked will never see that editor-
ial, so what did it accomplish ?  And, just because someone has a lot
of money, should we attempt to shame or imtimidate them into giving ? And
why didn't he go after Donald Trump (maybe that's next issue ;) ?

>> Seen in a cartoon at the back of the Advocate:
>> One guy gives another guy a wrapped gift, and says:
>> "Is this the birthday you reach spinsterhood, or is that next year ?"