[bit.listserv.gaynet] Att'n: RACHEL

#HDL%LEHIGH.BITNET@IBM1.CC.LEHIGH.EDU (Lehigh Human Diversity League) (02/22/90)

Dear Rachel,

It was supposed to be unnaturally depressing and violent-- the sick
thing is, almost this exact story REALLY happened (save that the person
did not die of Valium overdose [or, indeed, at all-- although this
person will carry some scars around for the rest of his/her life...])

The "gloss-over" was to get a reaction like yours:  is this really
NECESSARY???  Is this what we really DO to these people?

Yes, I, too, welcome constructive criticism... the feedback from GAYNET
has re-shaped the story considerably (same ending--sorry).  I will turn
it in to the Professor who inspired it tomorrow at 12 noon.

Wish me lack of death, 'kay?

Welcoming your stories,
  And recognizing that it WAS damned dark (and cold...like the North
Pole...in a white-out),

Eric T. Scholl
ETS2@Lehigh      <--- My "Private Mail" address