[bit.listserv.gaynet] The Nazi Doctors


I can be very pessimistic at times--haven't yet finished the book,
     but have tested this idea out on couple of personal postings--
     If I have my figures right--when I was born, 26 states had
     sterilization laws for the feebleminded--in fact, I understand
     that some ideas incorporated into the Nazi beliefs in medicali-
     zing what led to genocide came from us--in those days--breeding
     and killing seemed to be the means of attaining a race devoid
     of non-normals (as defined by the government). Today, we have
     a more efficient means of fulfilling any dreams of obtaining
     a normal society of human beings---devoid of the handicapped--
     sexually abnormal--etc--namely, that great boon to mankind--
     gene-splicing--and the ability thru amniocentesis(SP?) to
     detect abnormal genes--I am surprised that the Helms' and
     Dannemayers' of this world haven't latched onto that as a
     means of "clearing our blood of taints".   Merle


Merle-- I don't know what year you were born in, but it is true that
26 states (or so) states had such laws.  In fact, when the German eugenics
movement was getting underway, ca. the turn of this century, some pointed
to the "progressiveness" of the United States, in that some states had those
 laws.  You might be intnerested in the following book:  Daniel J. Kevles, IN
California press, 1985, [call # HQ751.k48 1985].  It is mostly about
the US and Britian, but is is the best introduction to the topic of
eugenics & race discrimination (historically speaking).  There is also a
new book out by Paul Weindling, published by Cambridge UP (I think) which
is about Nazi medicine, policy etc.  Much more detailed than Lifton.  I
can look up the name of it if you can't find it, our medical history
library just got it.  Paul W. is an excellent historian/ politically on
our side.
	As to the current political scene & the use of Nazi like ideology,
all I can say is Helms, Dannameyer, et al, are not smart enough to try it.
Besides, don't they have a problem with modern science too??