[bit.listserv.cics-l] Natural 2 under CICS

WURZBACH@OSHKOSHW.BITNET (William F. Wurzbach) (02/13/90)

        We are a brand new user of Adabas from Software/AG and are currently
trying to incorporate Natural 2 V2.1.4 transactions into our CICS 1.7
environment under MVS/SP. We would like to maintain a mix of CICS and Natural
programs, if possible. The problem is, all of our current CICS transactions
are pseudo-conversational command-level COBOL. In many cases, after the first
transaction id is entered in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, the
application returns a screenful of data and the cursor is placed under a line
at the top of the display which will invoke the next transaction, with the
appropriate data following this new tranid. Thus, users can start down a
chain of transactions by simply hitting Enter repeatedly.

        The problem arises with transactions written in Natural. How can we
move from the CICS environment, into the Natural environment for several
transactions, and then back to CICS without losing data ? We are able to
front-end the tran-ids that run under Natural so that when the user enters
the tranid, NAT2 is dynamically invoked and the data is displayed, but
whenever we try to exit Natural, it clears the screen and prints a 'goodby'
message, thus destroying anything that was on the screen in anticipation of
the next required transaction. I'm sure something can be done with Temp
Storage, etc. but we would rather not have to rewrite any more of our
existing programs than necessary.

        Is there any way we could exit Natural cleanly, leaving the screen
alone, or perhaps communicate with CICS from within Natural to save the screen
image, exit the Natural transaction and automatically invoke a small program
to redisplay the screen image ? I apologize for the length of this message,
but would appreciate any suggestions or insights someone might have on this

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