[bit.listserv.lawsch-l] Integrating computing into the Law Schools

COM3HALLAM@TRENT.AC.UK (Susan Hallam - IT Coordinator) (02/21/90)

Further to Chuck Darney's message about computing at Widener, I find that
we have similar experiences here at Nottingham Polytechnic (UK.)

As the IT Coordinator to the Faculty, my two chief responsibilities are
to contribute to the introduction and improvement of IT elements in courses
within the faculty, and to contribute to staff development in computing
and staff use of IT in research in the Faculty.

Needless to say, I have had mixed success...

Our first year course of study is being amended to include "core skills"
such as mooting, presentation skills, and computing.  Due to the number
of students, we will offer each student 2-hour workshops twice during the
term.  In this limited period of time, we hope to cover basic keyboard skills
and wordprocessing, with introduction to databases and spreadsheets (ambitious,
eh?!)  At the moment, I am scheduled to do this teaching as no staff in the
Law School feel experienced enough to teach basic computing skills.  Has
anyone had experience of doing service teaching like this, and do the students
take it as seriously as if one of "their own" lecturers taught it?  Was there an
assessed element?

We have a range of 9 CAL programs (written in house using Staf2) running on
a VAX.  I would be interested in hearing of other CAL projects using authoring
languages on a PC (such as TopClass.)

I am aware of Hypertext projects that are being developed at the moment, and
would like to hear more about projects in America.

Finally on the software front, has any educational establishment acquired any
commercial software intended for law practices.  Would anybody be interested
in negotiating cheapo site licenses?

So many issues to discuss on this bulletin board:

	- policies concerning the IBM / Macintosh debate
	- staff development programs?
	- advisory groups with both law faculty and computing reps

(PS - I am a graduate of Penn State and Drexel U,  and an expat living in
Nottingham.  All the familiar names like Widener & Millersville give me
the odd pang of homesickness... !)