[bit.listserv.liaison] New Release of Internet Library List


A revised release of the Internet Library List has been posted
on Listserv@unmvm.  This release contains several new
library catalogs and enhancements of several existing catalogs.

To retrieve the revised List, send mail or a command to
Listserv@unmvm. The body of the mail or command should say
GET INTERNET LIBRARY. This will retrieve the ascii version of
the List.  The Postscript version should be available in the
near future.

It is possible to automatically received updated version of
this List. For more information, send mail or a command to
your nearest Listserv node or, only as a last resort, to
Listserv@unmvm. The body of the mail or the command should
say INFO AFD.  You will be sent a file called Listafd Memo
which describes the automatic file distribution feature
of the Revised Listserv.

I apologize if this note reaches you on several lists.

As always, if you have any questions about the List or suggestions
for additions or corrections, please send mail to stgeorge@unmb
or stgeorge@bootes.unm.edu.