[bit.listserv.liaison] help desks

Sharon_Richardson@CARLETON.CA (02/06/90)

Would't the SIGUCCS User Services Conference be the obvious
time and place for discussions on Help Desks?

Sharon        <sharon_richardson@carleton.ca>

J_MUIR@UPR1.UPR.CUN.EDU (02/06/90)

I agree that the SIGUCC User Services Conferences could be very useful
in providing material for starting a HELP desk.  Why not look at the
proceedings of past meetings?

Jim Muir
University of Puerto Rico

SLPBB@CUNYVM.BITNET (Sheri Prupis) (02/06/90)

If you want to wait till fall then SIGUCCS is fine.  But why not try some
regional one day conferences with the HELP OF SIGUCCS.  If I could get someone
to help I would be willing to draft a proposal to SIGUCCS so we could do
special topic one day stuff - this one for help desks.  I'm sure most of us
could pull together a pretty good regional day this spring - and since it would
be regional expense is limited and more of our staffs will be able to attend.