[bit.listserv.vmxa-l] IMSG format in SP2 differs from SP1

WAXY@CORNELLA.BITNET (Wendy Alberg) (02/06/90)

  Marieke's mail file about TAG reminded me of this.
  We converted from XA SP1 to XA SP2 in October and discovered by chance
that the IMSG format changed.  To make things worse, the SP2 manuals I
have say the messages are the same- but I may have missed an update.
In case your manuals say the same thing as mine, here are the old and new
message formats:

* hh:mm:ss Text from rscsid : RDR FILE sfid SENT FROM uid   PUN AS nnnn
  RECS mmmm COPY  ppp cl hold keep

* hh:mm:ss Text from rscsid : RDR FILE sfid SENT FROM uid   PUN WAS nnnn
  RECS mmmm CPY  ppp cl hold keep

Note the WAS instead of AS and the truncated spelling of CPY in the SP2
format.  Also note that in SP1 you parsed the messages for the PUN AS
nnnn value to get the id of the spool file in your own reader; in SP2
you parse for the FILE sfid value for that information.
  I think the SP2 format is HPO and VM/SP compatible, so those of you
converting from those systems should not have any trouble (with this,

Wendy Alberg
Cornell Information Technologies, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY 14853
Internet: waxy@cornella.cit.cornell.edu