[bit.listserv.vmxa-l] Help needed with sperry univac terminal UNITERM 200


Recently, I found an old Sperry Univac Terminal named UNITERM 200
in a Computer junk store for $25 and took it home.
Does anybody know this Terminal type?
The design seems to be from the stone age, and it has many buttons
with cryptic names on them on its keyboard.
All I know is that it seems to work in local mode right now, and that it has
a 25 pin male sub-d connector, which I suppose to be a standard RS-232
port. However, there's also another multi-pin nonstandard connector,
and a key named PRINT on the keypad. Is it possible that the RS-232 is only
for a local printer? And/or can I expect this to be settable/interchangeable?
 Does anybody know baudrate, parity, number of data and stop bits,
and the type of handshaking (RTS/CTS, Xon/Xoff, or none) ?
How do I set this Terminal Online?
Typos appear right on the screen, so I have no Echo mode right now via
the serial port. No Data, not even junk, seems to be received via the port,
tried at different baud rates and parity/handshake settings.
For sending, there semms to be a button "Transmit unprot Display",
but how do I receive?

Any help would be highly appreciated, because we need this terminal
for a student's project.
Burkhard <GAUBATZ@DGABLG5P.Bitnet>

P.S.: Please reply directly to this address, as I am no subscriber to this
list. Thanks!