[bit.listserv.infonets] NWI

RLEE@UAFSYSB.BITNET (Richard Lee) (02/01/90)

I am interesting in sending e-mail to a user on NWI, which is a
CompuServe-like electronic information system.  I don't know much
about NWI except that thir voice number is 800-624-5916 and their
access number (modem) is 800-446-2143.  They are, or at least were,
connected through Tymnet.
I red that if connecting through Datapac you have to type 87300012.
If you connect through some other packet network one needs to
type 31405408166 or 31370016052.
I'm just a vanilla BITNET user and I don't understand what that all
means.  Can anyone translate it into something like username@node.this.that.
Please reply to RLEE@UAFSYSB if you can help.  Thanks in advance.
Richard Lee
University of Arkansas

P.S. red should be read as read