[bit.listserv.infonets] NAFSAnet

HOPKINS@CSC.FI (02/07/90)

It has been correctly reported that NAFSANet is the same as the "Inter-L" list
available via Listserv at VTVM2.  NAFSA is the National Association For Foreign
Student Affairs, headquartered in Washington, D.C.  Listowners of Inter-L are
Bernard LaBerge at Virginia Polytechnic & State Univ (GSBel@VTVM1) and James
Graham at Colorado State University (JGRAHAM@CSUGREEN).

Discussion on Inter-L, alias NAFSANet, centers on the international exchange of
students and scholars, particularly practical problems encountered by
professionals working in the field.

John D. Hopkins
NAFSA OSEAS Northern Europe Representative
University of Tampere, Finland


     hello evy,
got your message and thanks.  you did remember correctly.  i sent that
message on to jim graham at colorado stat university who manages the
list of nafsanet users.  i think i did it right, so hopefully she will
just get added to the list or hear back from jim about how to get
conneqqed to the network.