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SOGILLR@VCCSCENT.BITNET (Richard Gillette) (02/09/90)

Adam M.
   I tried private e-mail, but my reply got bounced back with an invalid
destination FRECP12.  Anyways....

   The symbols are facial expressions turned on their side.  Some of the
more common ones are:
  :)  or  :-)    Smile
  =)             THE Smiley Face
  :(  or  :-(    Frown
  O:-)           Angel  (halo effect)
  }:-)           Horny little devil
  :-*            Utter surprise and/or shock
  :-p or  :-P    Tongue sticking out
  :-O            Shouting
  :*)            Inebriated  (also cold (stuffy nose))
  :-/            Indecision
  ;)  or  ;-)    Wink
  ;?)            Wrinkled nose
  :-E            Grrr!  or vampire (teeth/fangs showing)

   These are used to add your feelings to the words you write which
sometimes help in understanding how what is said is said (the author's

Use them and enjoy.

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