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magill@ENIAC.SEAS.UPENN.EDU (Network Planning) (02/10/90)

This a topic from the dim recesses of time. One of those things that
is part of the "shared experience" of the human race or something like
that. Digging around in the Tardis, here is some old info about the topic:

One of the continuing problems for news group postings is how to show
"non-verbal" communications... "that's what I said, but not what I ment".
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    Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1987 10:34:36 LCL
    From: Sally Webster <ACDSPW@SUVM.BITNET>
    Subject: Another icon
    I can't figure out how to show a shrug yet, but I did think
    of something for "thinking hard, trying to recall, brows creased in

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At DECUS last week one of the Ultrix sessions had a "summary" of "standard
smiles" evolved for use in various news postings over the years:

        (:-)    (8-}    (:-(
        (;->    (8-O    (:-|
        : )      8 )    (:-I
Their meanings are as explicit as the non-verbal signals they attempt to

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