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gme@SPARTA.COM (Gail Ellingwood) (02/28/90)


     I have subscribed to this list for well over a year, but have always
been a bit timid about answering questions as it seemed to me that there
was a core group of some very knowledgeable people and I still consider
myself a novice at this stuff.  However, given recent conversations about
the responsibilities of active participation, I have given it a shot a
couple times with some surprising results.  So here goes again:

     I recently corresponded with Bryan Lawrence, the postmaster at
the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He
indicated that UofC was about to join UNINET, a temporary university
wide network, expected to be in place for one to two years while
the national research network is established.  UNINET currently has
an IP connection from Waikato University to Hawaii and the greater

     He asked if I had set up a mailing list for the effort I am
working on as they "are always keen for more information about
what is happening elsewhere --- N.Z. is a long way from most
places...".  I pointed him to INFO-NETS, mentioning that since
questions on how to reach the nz domain are frequent, he might
be a welcome source of information.

     I have no idea where Palmerston North is in relation to
Christchurch, but Bryan seemed a helpful sort and failing other
answers, might be worth trying.  I reached him at


and his phone is +64 3 667 001.

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