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    Sorry...this is a forward of the message I've received with the
error messages and all.  I am trying to mail to gille.uio.no, but cannot
seem to find the appropriate route.  The user alf@gille.uio.no does exist.
I've searched through the internet lists, and cannot find gille.uio.no,
so I suspect it is on a different net.  But I have absolutely no idea which,
or how to get to it.  I've tried all the local resources that I know of,
but have had no results.  Perhaps there is someone who knows...I hope?
Thank you...

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Okay, here's one of my questions...
(By the way, this is Emerald on Sony)

The manual.ms is QUITE unclear on objects used for exit codes.  It
states 'Exits 1000+ equate to access only if object n[-1000 is in state 0,
then move to that object's room.'

Does this mean, that two items must be created for a door, that is,
two doors, each with an exit code 1000 + the item number for the opposing
door?  If this is the case, then why is the exit code for the King Orc's
throne 1305 in the throne room AND the escape passage?  Another thing
that doesn't make sense...how would you set up a single item (say, a
switch) as the exit item to move from room 1000 to 1001?  The switch being
item number 100.  This is hypothetical.  The switch would be set for
pushing flipping the state between 1 and 0.  The switch is in room 1000.
How would this be set up?

Second hypothetical situation:  A special item, say, a pair of shades,
item number 200, allows you to see the port between room 2000 and 2001.
Without wearing the item, the port is not visible.  When the item is
being worn, however, the exit to room 2001 is just a normal exit.  Can this
be accomplished?

Third hypothetical situation:  How might an alternate exit be created
for a room, based on either an item's presence or its state?  Example:
if an item's state is 1, the north exit from room 3000 is 3001.  If the
state is 2, the north exit is 3002.  If the state is 0, there is no exit.
Alternate:  If this same item (Item number 300?)  is present, the exit
is to room 3001.  If it is not present/carried, the exit is to room 3002.
From looking through the code, I do not see an obvious way to perform this.
Might you know of one?

I'll send further questions as they reappear in my mind.  :)
Talk to you soon.