[bit.listserv.infonets] X.400 mail gateway for AS/400?

dank@nntp-server.caltech.edu (Daniel R. Kegel) (09/27/90)

My friend works on an AS/400 system in Stuttgart and would like to
exchange E-mail with the world.  The system has internal E-mail and a
DATEX-P link (the German post office's x.25 network) which they use to log 
in to remote AS/400 systems.
Does anybody know how to get the AS/400 to send/receive E-mail to/from
the outside world over a DATEX-P link?

Please reply to dank@moc.jpl.nasa.gov.

p.s. Ich kann deutsch, traue mich aber nicht, so etwas Technisches auf deutsch 
zu schreiben...