[bit.listserv.infonets] High Speed Protocol Analyser

ajf@doc.ic.ac.uk (Tony J Field) (01/03/91)

Subject: High Speed Protocol Analyser
Newsgroups: eunet.newprod,uk.support,comp.protocols.nfs,bit.listserv.infonets,bit.listserv.jnet-l,bit.listserv.ibm-nets,biz.config,news.software.nntp
Keywords: Network Protocol Protocol-analyser

TSH have just announced a new protocol analyser which solves a number of
problems related to the analysis of high-speed data lines.  The software runs 
on a 33MHz 80386 portable PC and drives a 256-colour super-VGA 9" CRT.
External VGA and EGA monitors with resolutions up to 1024x768 can also be 
driven, however.  

The analyser itself operates at speeds from 110 b/s to 4.5 Mb/s and interprets 
HDLC, X.25, SNA and DPNSS among other protocols.  A sophisticated windowing 
system allows the user to monitor real-time traffic whilst simultaneously 
browsing through buffer data.  The interfaces available include RS-232, X.21, 
V.35, V.36, G.703 co-ax at 2 Mbit/sec (the analyser monitors unframed at this
speed), and a G.704 timeslot extractor. 

For further details, email ajf@doc.ic.ac.uk.