[clari.nb.apple] Apple Canada Cuts Prices

newsbytes@clarinet.com (02/04/90)

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA, 1990 JAN 29 (NB) -- As is customary 
before the introduction of new computers, Apple Canada has
reduced prices on Macintosh computers by C$500 to C$2,300 and on
LaserWriter printers by as much as C$2,200.

The Macintosh SE with diskette drive only has been cut from
C$4,187 to $3,675. The SE 1/20 has been cut from C$5,058 to
C$4,250. The SE 2/40 has been reduced from C$5,937 to C$4,825.
The SE/30 with diskette drive goes from C$6,675 to C$5,550, the
SE/30 1/40 from C$7,425 to C$6,250, and the SE 2/80 from C$9,995
to C$7,695. None of these prices include the keyboard.

Apple dropped the price of the Laserwriter IISC from C$4,350 to
C$3,995 and that of the Laserwriter IINT from C$7,549 to C$6,450.
The Laserwriter IINTX is marked down from C$10,795 to C$8,595.

(Grant Buckler/19900202/Press Contact: Apple Canada, 416-477-