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clarinews@clarinet.com (Kelly/Standard Broadcast News) (02/01/90)

	The Parti Quebecois leader says a vote by Sault Ste-Marie to be an
English-only city is just another sign that Canada is breaking apart.
	Jacques Parizeau says Quebec has been a pain in the neck.  It
prevents English Canada from getting what it wants such as ....
linguistic equality under the Charter of Rights .... a strong federal
government .... and all provinces having the same powers.  
	Parizeau says as Quebec takes a different path, some in both groups
go overboard .... such as Sault Ste-Marie declaring English its only
	He says he condemns them, but he does think he can understand their
actions. Parizeau says Canada is starting to appear as two countries.
	Parizeau says there is a remarkable shift taking place.  He says
English Canada is more and more in favour of an independent Quebec.
	From fruit drinks to caviar, Liberal Leader John Turner, says the
proposed goods and services tax un-fairly hits one product and not the
	John Turner is calling for the G-S-T to be scrapped because, as he
puts it,  a kid setting up a cool-aid stand would pay seven per cent tax
on his product .... but a rich businessman could buy caviar without
getting hit.
	Calling it a ``stupid legislation'', Turner says one pays not a
cent on luxury gourmet foods, while kids will have to pay seven per cent
on lemon-aid.
	That prompted a rare grin from Finance Minister, Michael Wilson,
who responded .... ``there's a four-year old up in the gallery who was
yawning while the member asked his question.''
	Wilson's laughter soon turned to outright anger, however. He says
it's ``pathetic'' that the Liberals complain about the tax but offer no
other ideas.
	Calls for more information on the Brian Gallery affair raised the
heckles of Prime Minister Mulroney in the House of Commons today.
	Gallery, Vice-Chairman of Canadian National, is facing allegations
of conflict-of-interest. He reportedly wrote another employee of C-N to
complain that the railway was no longer advertising in his two shipping
magazines.          Gallery is a friend of the Prime Minister's. But
Mulroney cut off demands  for answers, saying an investigation is
	Gallery was acting-chairman of the crown coportation last July when
the incident allegedly took place.
	Questions have been raised about the pressures felt by pilots in
the competitive airlines industry today at the inquiry into the Dryden
Air Crash.
	The inquiry is trying to determine why the pilot of the ill-fated
jet that crashed last March 10th, took off in a snowstorm without
	Captain George Morwood and twenty three others were killed when the
jet crashed shortly after take-off. Captain Brad Somers flew that jet
just five days before the crash.
	He says there were some mechaical problems which would have would
have made him reluctant to land the jet in Dryden.  At the same time, he
admits to lawyer Paul Bailey that he'd be reluctant not to, because of
the passengers relying on him.
	The mechical problems meant the jet had to be left on, which makes
de-icing a dangerous process. The jet was not de-iced, and that's
believed to be the cause of the crash.
	Ottawa-Carleton police are calling it the biggest drug bust in the
region's history.  
	Sixty-three people are under arrest. Nepean police chief Wayne
Phillips says the amount of drugs seized is amazing.  
	Three-hundred-and-21-thousand dollars of cocaine was seized,
four-Million-six-hundred-and-88-thousand-dollars of heroine was seized
and other drugs for a total value of 15-Million plus.
	The bust was part of a five-month police operation involving three
Ottawa R-C-M-P detachments.  One-hundred-72 drug and weapon charges have
been laid.
	Five-thousand Manitobans want the goverment to close down
pornographic video stores.
	As she hands over the petition to the province's attorney-general,
Carolyn Keith says this garbage has got to be cleared from out society. 

	She says obsene pornography includes a lot of very degrading and
harmful material.  Keith's concerned that people who watch these dirty
movies will often get carried away and assult others.
	The attorney-general doesn't need the prompting.  His office is
already appealing the court ruling allowing the sale of these
contentious videos.
	The spring sitting of the Alberta legislature has been set for
March 8th.       New environmental laws and more protection for
consumers depositing and investing money will be two issues tackled
during the sitting.  Deputy Premier Jim Horsman says Environment
Minister Ralph Klein will introduce a new set of environmental laws.
	Horsman says it's too early to say whether a fall session will be
needed.  An average session usually lasts about 10-weeks.