[clari.canada.briefs] British Columbia Briefs

clarinews@clarinet.com (Bird/Standard Broadcast News) (02/02/90)

	Vancouver Mayor Gordon Campbell says it would be tough to prevent
last week's stabbing of a 10-year-old boy in a theatre washroom. 
Campbell says he's sickened by the attack, and the city isn't taking it
	The parents of that 10-year-old boy who was viciously stabbed last
weekend, are appealing for help in the search for their son's attacker. 
Police are looking for a teenager.  Ten-year-old Robert should be back
to school next week.
	Environment Minister John Reynolds says he's trying to convince
Ottawa to foot part of the bill to clean up the old Expo site.  He says
he's also spoken with some of the people responsible for polluting the
land.  Reynolds says he'll be making an announcement soon on WHO will
pay WHAT.
	A lawyer from Vancouver will appear in a provincial court in
Calgary again next month in connection with a major drug bust.  Gary
Casilio is charged with conspiracy to import and traffick in narcotics. 
Police seized 114 kilos of marijuana in Spokane a week ago.

clarinews@clarinet.com (Bird/Standard Broadcast News) (02/03/90)

	The federal minister responsible for Canada Customs will be
visiting a B-C crossing to investigate a complaint first-hand.  Truckers
want a separate lane for commercial vehicles at the Pacific crossing on
the Lower Mainland.  They say increasing traffic is creating delays.
	B-C's Health Ministry continues to negotiate with hospitals in
Washington state in a bid to cut the growing waiting list for open-heart
surgery in the province.  In the meantime, the B-C Cardiac Society
claims as many as 20 British Columbians died last year while they waited
for open-heart surgery.
	Attorney General Brian Smith says he's still fighting to keep
Vancouver Island's passenger rail service rolling.  But Smith says he'll
negotiate with the federal transport minister instead of dragging the
issue through the costly court system.  B-C has legally won the battle
to save the E-and-N line, but Ottawa plans to appeal.
	Organizers with the annual Lady Godiva ride at U-B-C aren't saying
if the engineering tradition will continue next week.  University
president David Strangway is threatening disciplinary action if a naked
or half-naked woman is paraded around on horseback.