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clarinews@clarinet.com (Marshall/Standard Broadcast News) (02/03/90)

	Ontario's health minister says the province will act on at least
some of the recommendations of a coroner's jury regarding liposuction.
	The jury's recommendations include calls for province-wide
standards for medical care at private facilities, and the reviewing and
upgrading of doctors' skills.
	Elinor Caplan isn't specific, but says government action is
planned. The health minister says the government will be working with
the College of Physicians and Surgeons to implement the recommendations
of the jury. She adds legislation based on at least some of the
recommendations will be tabled this spring.
	Caplan says she believes it's in the public interest for doctors
keep up to date with the latest medical developments.
	Toronto Firefighters are cleaning up after a fire on the fifth
floor of a Parliament Street apartment building.
	Crews arriving at 670 Parliament called for assistance, and the
fire was quickly brought under control. An ambulance was also called.
	No further details are available at this time.
	Officials at the Metro Toronto School Board are beaming after a
flattering portrayal on A-B-C Television's evening newscast Thursday
	The U-S network described the Metro public school system as ``one
of the world's best'', and held it up as an example of how education
should be provided.
	Board director Doctor Ned McKeown says the report was a tribute to
everyone involved in the school system.
	Anne Swarbrick says she's in the race to replace M-P-P Richard
Johnson as the N-D-P nominee in the riding of Scarborough West.
	Johnson stated Thursday he won't be seeking re-election.
	Swarbrick is the first official candidate to replace Johnson. She
is an executive assistant at the Metro Toronto Labour Council, a board
member of the affordable housing action group, and vice-president of the
Scarborough West N-D-P riding association.
	-Standard Broadcast News-
	The City of Toronto is looking at licencing bicycle couriers.
	It's an attempt to police what one councillor calls an ``absolute
menace''. Tom Jakobek slammed couriers to weaving in and out of traffic,
cutting off vehicles and pedestrians.
	He says giving couriers licences would make it easier for police to
apprehend them if they break the rules of the road.
	In another move, the City Services Committee has adopted a
recommendation calling for officers on bikes, to enforce cycling laws. A
police representative says it's a good idea...providing officers aren't
referred to as cops on ``PIGcycles''.
	The University of Toronto is receiving a booster shot...to the tune
of six-point-seven-Million-dollars (6.7).
	The province is giving the university the money, as a grant to
renovate the U-of-T's Mining Building. The university will raise an
additional five-Million for the project privately.
	The university will also get more than one-Million-dollars under a
special program that promotes joint research by  universities and the
private sector.
	-Standard Broadcast News-

clarinews@clarinet.com (Kelly/Standard Broadcast News) (02/05/90)

	Two snowmobilers who were the subject of a day-long search in Lake
Simcoe have turned up safe and sound.
	York Regional Police say the two men were riding across the ice off
Virginia Beach early yesterday and plunged into open water.  They made
it to shore safely however and didn't realize until this morning that
police divers spent all day yesterday searching for them.
	Police advise that anyone planning to head out on the ice of Lake
Simcoe should first check with fish hut operators to find out which
areas are safe.
	East York Hydro reports between 10 and 15 homes in the Danforth and
Dawes Road area remain without power following an early morning
	Shortly after two o'clock a car struck a hydro pole in front of 49
Secord Avenue damaging it and knocking over several others.  Hydro
officials say it'll be at least another couple of hours before
electricity is restored.
	Police are looking for the driver and passenger who fled the scene
and left the car behind.