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clarinews@clarinet.com (Kelly/Standard Broadcast News) (02/05/90)

	Sheila Copps says it isn't the job of those in the race for the
Liberal leadership to sell the Meech Lake accord.  
	If the contenders put their focus on the accord, she says, in the
end, they will end up without any say about its survival.  She says
those in the running should put their focus on other issues affecting
	Copps is campaigning in Newfoundland this weekend.  She says it's
up to the Prime Minister to sell the accord.
	She says while the Liberals run around fighting over the accord,
the Prime Minister is sitting back and laughing.  
	Copps also took time out today to criticize the federal government
for the proposed changes to the unemployment insurance act.
	In no un-certain terms, Copps says, the situation is a hoax.  She
says the proposed legislation is Mulroney's way of getting rid of the
unemployment insurance system altogether.
	The changes would require more weeks of work to become eligible for
less U-I  benefits.    
	Copps says she believes the Mulroney-government will put forward a
major proposal before the next election.  She suggests the government
will pass responsibility for unemployment insurance from Ottawa to the
employers and workers.
	A Liberal M-P says Northern Ontario along with other areas of
Canada is suffering without VIA Rail service.
	The M-P for Thunder Bay-Nipigon Joe Camsuzzi (cah'-MOO'-zee) says
without rail service many areas are being put in jeopardy.  He says
several communities have been and will continue to be stranded by poor
weather ..... because airports and roadways are closed on a regular
basis throughout the winter along Lake Superior's north shore.
	Camsuzzi will be making his concerns known in Ottawa this week.  He
plans to tell the minister of transport on Tuesday that he's isolated
over 200-thousand people in the area.
	He wants to ask him what he's going to do about it.  Comsuzzi says
the fight to reinstate rail service in parts of Canada will not die.