[clari.biz.economy.world] GM divisions extend buyer incentives into spring

clarinews@clarinet.com (JAN A. ZVERINA, UPI Auto Writer) (02/02/90)

	DETROIT (UPI) -- The Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick divisions of
General Motors Corp. announced Thursday three-month extensions of their
buyer incentive programs to spur car sales into the spring selling
	Chevrolet cut rebate amounts on several models under its latest
program and dropped its imported Metro and Prizm subcompact cars from
the offer, now valid until May 2.
	Allowances now range from $500 on its Cavalier and Camaro models,
to $1,000 on its mid-sized Lumina sedan. Chevrolet also halved the
rebate on its aging Caprice models to $750. That full-sized sedan is due
to be replaced by an all-new Caprice this spring.
	Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick also ended the 4.8 percent annual
financing for 48-month loans on their Lumina, Grand Prix and Regal
mid-sized cars, but added 6.9 percent financing loans up to 48-months
long on nearly all other car lines.
	The offers replace ones set to expire Friday.
	Pontiac is offering through May 2 $1,000 rebates on all new car
models except its LeMans and Sunbird lines, which carry a $750 discount.
	Its TranSport minivan is not included in the offer.
	``We have tried to make this program simpler and more
across-the-board to end customer and dealer confusion,'' Pontiac
spokesman Reginald Harris said.
	GM's Buick division extended rebates ranging between $500 and
$1,250 on its lines, while increasing the offers on most Elactra and
Park Avenue models by up to $300.
	GM's Oldsmobile division is expected to amend its buyer program
Friday, while Chevrolet will revise offers on its light truck lines,
company spokeswomen said.
	Rival carmaker Ford Motor Co. is expected to announce renewed buyer
offers soon to replace ones that expire Feb. 5 and March 31.
	Earlier this week, Chrysler Corp. extended its guaranteed rebates
on most vehicle lines except minivans through the end of February.
	That program guarantees Chrysler will pay buyers the difference
should it raise rebates on any eligible model between early February and
Sept. 30, 1990.