[list.aix-l] Need help with Serial Port via DOS Merge

Tony Monteiro <MONTEIRO@POLYGRAF.bitnet> (02/21/90)

On Wed, 14 Feb 90 08:19:03 CDT you said:
>Does anyone know how I can access my serial port through DOS Merge?
>I want to open a DOS window and be able to run programs like PROCOMM
>and IBM's FTTERM (asynch terminal emulator).  At this time, my programs
>"run" but they do not actually communicate with the serial port.  I have
>had no problems using the ATE program or Kermit with the serial port
>from within AIX.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.   ...Chris...

    I think what you want to do is something like:

         dos +acom1=/dev/tty0

That will direct com1 requests to the AIX device /dev/tty0, which is
the serial port in my case. Further info can be found on page 5-35 of
"DOS Merge User's and Admin Guide" ( SC23-2045 ). Hope that helps.

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