[list.aix-l] TCP/IP

Manjit Trehan <ITMS400%INDYCMS.bitnet@ugw.utcs.utoronto.ca> (02/07/90)

I recently installed AIX-PS/2 and TCP/IP.  Everything was working fine.
All of a sudden, I can no longer telnet to the PS/2.  "qdaemon" used to
be one of the processes running, but, now either it never starts or
terminates soon after start-up.  What does "qdaemon" do?  Could this
be the reason I can't telnet to the PS/2.

Actually, telnet works partially.  I get the login prompt and after
I give it the userid, it never asks me for the password.  On the
host PS/2 I type "netstat" and it shows the status as either

Thank you.


SURF450@KUB.NL (02/13/90)

thank you i believe there are 2 sorts of pseudoterminals one for remote
berkely login and execute and one for local area networks such as
tcp/ip or modem connections with connect out in connect.con.t their
customizing is not really clear to me. When i connect my modem to
a serial port on the rt i take the dtr or cd protocol as an option
is it really so that follow cd or follow dtr is the same as cd and
dtr protocol on the rt
greetings from cold rainy stormy holland..

SURF450@KUB.NL (02/24/90)

thank you peter this week i will travel to berlin to discuss image transfer
from das duetsches herzcentrum nach hier in holland Do you know wich picture
formats(tif,gem,pic)really are compatibel for electronic mail on my rt
and wath these terms technically means? goodbye ich horte das berlin beruhmt
ist auf grund travertit-shows, You know some better establishments there?