[clari.nb.trends] Hitachi to Set up Third 4-Meg Chip Plant

newsbytes@clarinet.com (02/04/90)

TOKYO, JAPAN, 1990 JAN 29 (NB) -- Hitachi has decided to 
establish a new production base for 4-megabit DRAM (dynamic 
random access memory) chips in Hokkaido, in order to meet 
future demand from makers of book-size computers.

Hitachi is planning to set up a diffusion line and assembly line 
capable of a monthly output of one million units at its semiconductor
production subsidiary Hitachi Hokkai Semiconductor in Chitose, 
Hokkaido. Hitachi expects to spend over ten billion yen ($69 million)
for the new 4-meg chip production lines.

Hitachi already produced 200,000 4-meg DRAMs last December
in its Naka, Ibaraki, and Kofu, Yamanashi factories. But the firm
has determined that the production capacity of the two factories
will not meet future demand.

Hitachi will gradually increase monthly production to one million
units by this summer, and intends to achieve monthly
output of two million units by year's end. 

(Ken Takahashi/19900201)