[alt.cobol] Micro Focus vs Realia COBOL for PC

baumgard@uhunix1.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (Jon Baumgardner) (03/07/91)

Expires: July 30, 1991 
Sender: baumgard@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu (Jon Baumgardner) 
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Organization: University of Hawaii
Keywords: Micro Focus, Realia 

 I am doing a study to determine which PC development tool is better for
developing applications to use on the mainframe.  I just ordered a 
copy of Micro Focus Cobol II with the Tool Set and the WorkBench.  I also 
have in hand an order form for the evaluation copy of Realia COBOL.  Realia
may have a faster compiler and the code may run faster on the PC, but the
mainframe code is going to be the same!  I am not concerned with the speed
of execution on the PC as much as the debugging and development tools ability
to emulate the mainframe.  
1) Does either product access ADABAS files?
2) Does either product work with PC Natural?
3) I know that some CASE tools will generate code through links to Micro Focus
COBOL.  Does Realia do the same thing?  Which CASE tools?
4) Does Realia have a way to transfer packed (COMP) data fields in VSAM files?
5) Which product do you recommend?

Thanks for your help.
Realia 10 South Riverside Plaza Chicago 60606 (312) 346-0642
Micro Focus 2465 East Bayshore Road Suite 400 Palo Alto, CA 94303 800-872-6265

Disclaimer: I only claim to be a Purdue grad.  The ultimate educational
 experience.  The fact that I am a Certified Data Processor (CDP) only means
 that I guessed right 70+% of the time on the test.