[vmsnet.sources] Postscript Viewer

dove@unix.cis.pitt.edu (Daniel L Dove) (11/15/90)

	I'm not sure if this is the right group to be posting to, but here

goes anyway. I'm looking for a Postscript viewer for either VMS,UNIX,IBM PC.

If anyone know of a public domain program Please let me know.

		Thanks in advance

			Dan Dare

freynet@euterpe.enst.fr (Marc Freynet) (11/27/90)

The best way to have a Postscript viewer is to use the Display Postscript 
System of the NeXT Computer.
I saw it in PARIS 22 November, It was Incredible.
If you are interested, You can send a eMAIL to the president of
the Frensh NeXT user group : "CHARLES@CRIM.FR"