[rec.sport.soccer] *% CALL FOR VOTES %* NEW GROUP - soc.culture.british


This is a formal call for votes on the formation of a new newsgroup
to be called soc.culture.british

The name was generally agreed upon during the discussion phase.

This group will be unmoderated.

Some of the primary uses of the group might include:

        *Discussion of foods found in Britain

        *Discussion of word uses in Britain

        *Questions of things British that are strange or wierd
         to people from other cultures.

        *All the normal things discussed, questioned etc. in the
         'soc.culture' groups

        *British culture in general (what else?)

You may vote YES or NO by sending mail to maton@dvinci.usask.ca (UUCP)
or MATON@SASK (BITNET) or if all else fails try MATON@SASK.USask.ca
It is helpful, but not necessary if you specify your vote
You may change your vote by clearly indicating both your new vote and
the fact that you are changing your vote in the subject line or the
body of the message.

It is preferable to simply put the line
'I vote YES to the formation of the newsgroup soc.culture.british'
'I vote NO to the formation of the newsgroup soc.culture.british'
as your message.

The voting will continue through January 20th, 1990.  Any Votes RECEIVED after
this date will not be counted.  I will post a mass acknowledgement of votes at
that time, along with the results.  I will also post one or two additional
calls for votes before that time, in case anyone misses this one.

        Terry Maton
        University of Saskatchewan

uucp address:   maton@dvinci.USask.ca
bitnet address: MATON@SASK.BITNET

        ******* One Planet - One People - PLEASE *******

jpi@research.linkage.com (Jean-Paul Inso) (12/21/89)

In article <8912181809.AA01062@ncar.ucar.EDU>,
MATON%SASK.BITNET@EVANS.UCAR.EDU crossposts to ALL the above
groups, except for news.admin, which I added.  This wanton
crossposting of talk.bizarre stupidity by talk.bizarre
stupids must cease; I at least am quite fed up with these
people and their inability to keep their trash in their own
group.  We do not receive talk.bizarre here and we do not
want to and this continual crossposting of talk.bizarre
article to other groups is a subversion of a News
Administrator's control over his feed.  I recommend that we
proceed at once with Gregory Paris' suggestion, which was to
refuse to propagate talk.bizarre from site to site; then
talk.bizarre would continue to exist, but much diminished; I
think it would eventually fade away.
Shouldn't unneighborly conduct on the net be discouraged?
Shouldn't this barrage of crossposting cease?
Shouldn't we stop propagating talk.bizarre?
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