[soc.culture.korean] engineers/engineering in the US and Japan

ucbked@athena.berkeley.edu (Earl H. Kinmonth) (08/20/90)

Several years ago I published an article(*) on the education and pay
of American and Japanese engineers.  I have been asked to give a
presentation on this subject in October.  If possible, I would like
to supplement my sources and impression with comments and experiences
from working engineers.  Specifically, I am interested in

(a)    the foreign IMAGE of Japanese engineers, their education, pay,
       performance, etc.;

(b)    experiences of foreign engineers working in Japan or with 
       Japanese engineers outside of Japan;

"Foreign" here means "non-Japanese."  Since I now live in England, I am
especially interested in European observations, but anyone, of any
nationality should feel free to offer comments.

"Engineer" here is left up the contributor, but since there are some
fuzzy edges to the term, you might make clear what you mean by the
designation.  My own particular interest is EE(s) and "software
engineers" but do not let this restrict you.

If you want your observations kept anonymous in any presentation I
make, please so indicate.  Otherwise, I will give credit as I would for
any source.

Please feel free to post your comments, but since I may not catch all
relevant news groups, I would appreciate a copy of your observations by

*    Earl H. Kinmonth, "Engineering Education and Its Rewards in the
     United States and Japan" COMPARATIVE EDUCATION 30:3

     Several variants of this have also appeared in Japanese.

     If anyone wishes the text of the article, I can e-mail a
     compressed version.  Specify what you can accept: compress, pack,
     zoo, or arc.

My thanks in advance for any and all observations.  If I have posted
to an inappropriate news group, let me know ~politely~.

Earl H. Kinmonth

History Department          Centre for Japanese Studies
Univ. of California         Univ. of Sheffield
Davis, California 95616     Sheffield, England S10 2TN

(until 90:09:26)