[soc.culture.korean] Beta test version of kterm 4.1.2

mleisher@nmsu.edu (Mark Leisher) (02/01/91)

crl.nmsu.edu:pub/misc/kterm-4.1.2.tar.Z []
expo.lcs.mit.edu:contrib/kterm-4.1.2.tar.Z []
kum.kaist.ac.kr:pub/x/kterm-4.1.2.tar.Z []

A new version of kterm is now available from the anonymous ftp sites
listed above.

Version 4.1.2 supports:

1. Chinese: GuoBiao (7 && 8-bit), Big5 , and Shift-GuoBiao text.

2. Japanese: EUC, Shift-JIS, and JIS text.

3. Korean: KS C5601-1987 Hangul and N-byte Hangul text.

4. ISO 6429 color text sequences.

5. X11 Compound Text character set sequences.
   (Not all of the character sets are supported, but the sequences are

The README file mentions anonymous ftp locations for Chinese,
Japanese, and Korean Hangul BDF fonts.

Please send bug reports, fixes, enhancements, etc. to

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