[rec.gambling] Michigan BJ report

jr@jrzsun.Sun.COM (John Reed) (01/17/90)

Just read an interesting article on places to play BJ in Michigan.
The article was by Arnold Snyder (sp?).  It appeared in the Card
Player magazine.  This magazine has a monthly column called/by the
Black Jack Hack.  It also has articles about Video Poker, Pai Gow,
bridge, etc.  But the main focus is poker.  I'll post subscription
information in a future article.

This appears to be the place to go for all you card counters.  The
limits generally run $1-$100 and $5-100.  He said they don't bother
you if you bet with large spreads.  It's all multi-deck, but he says
most places deal very deep into the shoe, sometimes even past the cut
card, till just a few hands remain.  The casinos are run by the Indians.
There are other gambling games, but the choice varies by casino.

I'll try to post the addresses and phone numbers of the casinos later.