[mot.cad] XHP on Sun4

razdan@oakhill.UUCP (Anshuman Razdan) (12/06/89)

HELP !!!

I am trying to run my program that uses HP toolkit with all the release
3 patches applied.  This runs fine on Sun 3's and Apollo's.  But disaster strikes on Sun4.  The compiler gives no warnings or errors in compiling
the toolkits (xt or Xw) and neither does it complain for my C code.  In other words every thing compiles OK.  However, the application bombs in the very first stage. What happens is as follows :

        It opens the display fine and creates Vpane widget as the child level of the toplevel widget.  It then segentation faults when it tries to c
reate any child of this vpane widget.  The error I get is in the toolkit
XcreateWidget proc where it is Parsing the translation table.

Does this have to do with byte swapping and the way Sun4 packs memory
for structures.  I remember reading something about it but do not
remeber what.  has Any body tried to run HP toolkit and widgets on a SUN4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and as fast as possible.

Thanx in Advance.

Anshuman Razdan

Sector CAD Motorola Austin Tx.