[sun.mac-users] Bizarre "cursor" behavior

briang@bari.Eng.Sun.COM (Brian Gordon) (06/06/91)

A real challenge for the collective diagnostic power of the net ...

When I got home last night, my Mac's cursor was surrounded by a large rectangle
that tracked with it.  The (normal arrow) cursor behaves fine, but drags with
it a black frame made with a 1/4 inch wide line, about 2 1/4 bu 1 3/4 inches in

The system is a Mac II, 8MB, monochrome, all Apple parts except for an external
100MB disk, running O.S. 6.0.5.  Going to last weekend's backup, I replaced
System and Finder to no avail.  Booting from a floppy brings up a normal
cursor, as does shutting down the external disk and booting so that it comes up
from the internal 40MB disk.  That seems to prove no "hardware damage" of any

I also replaced every "System File" (like Scrapbook, etc.) from that same
backup with no change.  Rebuilding the desktop (using Minor-Repair) doesn't
change it.

According to the kids who were home when the chance took place, someone tried
to bring up "The PrintShop" and the system froze.  Using the reset button got
it restarted normally, but with the cursor problem.  I did manage to bring up
PrintShop from a floppy version, but nothing significant changed during or
after it.


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