[ba.music] Concert of Music from CCRMA

malouf@Apple.COM (Fred Malouf) (05/08/91)

	On May 19, 1991 a concert of computer music by composers
from CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics,
Stanford University) will be presented at the New Performance
Gallery in San Francisco.   The concert will start at 8:00 P.M.
and tickets are $10/$8.  The New Performance Gallery is located
at the corner of 17th and Shotwell (one block east of South Van
Ness) in the Mission district (San Francisco).

	The pieces being presented are: 
	Impossible Animals  by David Jaffe,  for violin and tape
	Intonations of the Wind  by Joanne Carey, for tape
	Kombination XI  by Stephen Pope, for tape and speaker
	Remote Control  by Chris Chafe, performed by Tonus Finalis
	Smoking Room Blues  by Stanislaw Krupowicz, performed by Tonus Finalis

Impossible Animals  will be performed by the composer.  Mr. Jaffe
is a graduate of Stanford, has won a composer's fellowship from the
NEA, and whose body of work includes orchestral, solo, chamber, vocal,
and computer music.  Ms. Carey is a visiting composer at CCRMA and
she has studied with Allen Strange, Lou Harrison, and Tikey Zes.
Mr. Pope is  the editor of Computer Music Journal, now in its 15th
year, published by the MIT Press.  He has realized compositions at
the studios of the Vienna Music Academy, CMRS in Salzburg, IRCAM
in Paris, SSSP in Toronto, and CCRMA.  Mr. Chafe is a composer/cellist
with an interest in using the computer as an aid to music composition
and performance.  He is on the staff at CCRMA and has performed his
music in Europe, North America, and Asia.  Mr. Krupowicz is a graduate
of Stanford and is an author of various compositions for chamber
ensembles, orchestra, tape and electroacoustic instruments.  His music
has  been performed in many countries of Europe, Asia and both Americas
and he has won several awards or grants.

Tonus Finalis consists of Chris Chafe on celletto and electronics,
Stanislaw Krupowicz on keyboards, and Fred Malouf on guitar and
electronics.  The group was created with the idea that improvisation
be a strong part of the groupUs character.  All three members are
composers/performers with varied backgrounds in rock, jazz, ethnomusics,
and new music.

Each of the composers will introduce their music and there will be an
opportunity for the audience to talk with them after the concert.

Fred Malouf