[soc.culture.nordic] CALL FOR VOTES - rec.sport.soccer

hans@lfcs.ed.ac.uk (Hans Huttel) (11/16/89)

This is the first call for votes for the proposed newsgroup
rec.sport.soccer dedicated to the sport Association Football,
colloquially referred to as soccer and known in many countries as
e.g. football, Fussball, fotboll or futbol.


The newsgroup rec.sport.soccer will be a forum for discussions of, 
among other things

- Postings of international & national soccer results
- Discussions of soccer teams & players
- Technical discussions of strategies, dubious referee decisions etc.

The newsgroup will be global and unmoderated.


REMEMBER : Do NOT post to the net; all votes must be mailed to me.

The easiest way of voting is to hit `r' when reading this article. 

If you want to vote YES to rec.sport.soccer as described above,
put a YES in the subject line.

If you want to vote NO to rec.sport.soccer as described above,
put a NO in the subject line.

As usual, no `conditional' votes are counted in.

Votes will be received by me personally - I can be reached on the
addresses mentioned in my signature at the bottom of this posting.

I will acknowledge your votes by e-mail as soon as I receive them.


The voting begins on November 15, 1989 and ends on December 9. During
the voting period I will repeat this call for votes three times,
namely on November 22, November 29 and December 6.

After the end of the voting period the complete result will be posted
to news.groups and news.announce.newgroups .

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