[soc.culture.nordic] Int'l Character Sets

halldors@athos.rutgers.edu (Magnus M Halldorsson) (05/23/91)

In article <3177@krafla.rhi.hi.is> einari@rhi.hi.is (Einar Indridason) writes:

> We can however ask the software writers to think about the 8th bit.  
> Some software is written for 128 character ASCII.  Not more than 128.  
> Their internal tables are 128 bytes long only and don't allow expansion or
> relocation of those tables.

Agreed. The same with masking the 8th bit or recycling it for other
purposes. But I think it's heading in that direction.

> Can you point me in some direction of that Unicode?  I would like to
> examine it a bit more?

Perhaps we can see if some knowledgeable person on the net knows how
to contact that agency to obtain the "standard". 

Bestu kvedjur,