[alt.peeves] Parking peeve

ain14922@merrimack.edu (01/19/90)

In article <11645@goofy.megatest.UUCP>, djones@megatest.UUCP (Dave Jones) writes:

> Before you start ripping up other people's property, consider:

>    4. Nobody appointed you the Lord High Defender of Public Parking
>       Morality, with a licence to deface.

  Somebody's gotta do it.  I just like letting these people know that everyone
else thinks they are an asshole.  Just FYI, though, I haven't "defaced" a car
since high school.  I have actually resorted to less damaging but just as
irriatating methods such as mentioned before like letting the air out of tires,
etc.  One time, though, we actually saw the woman leaving the car and when we
question her about it she gave us an incredible snobby answer in a haughty tone
of voice, so my friend puntured her oil pan.  I wish I could have seen the look
on her face when her engine froze up.

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