[ut.chinese] Volunteers wanted

chengpi@ecf.toronto.edu (CHENG) (10/19/89)

Volunteers Wanted For The Scarbourough Shows

  The SAC sponsored "Day of Tears" will be held in the Scrbourough campus
tomorrow(Thursday). Three volunteers are needed for the stamps collectin.

  SAC members take care of the vedio and photo shows. At the same time,
stamps will be collected for letters which have been addressed to China
already. In doing this, our volunteers are going to explain the function
of the letters and related information to the stamp donators.

  Volunteers are expected to have accetable spoken English and good
understanding of the recent students' movement.

  The whole demonstration lasts about three hours, students will leave
toegther with SAC members.

  If you are interested to help us, please contact one of the following

  or call:
  Mellisa Young at SAC office: 978-4911