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Dear Sir/Madam:

	Would you please help me to post following message in 
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Dear Zhaohao:

        Thanks for your inspiring discussion on the topic " function of
LYH". Hope this debate will be resumed rather than faded away.

        UTC is open to those who have information to share but no time
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	I wonder if Mr. Jiang, the interim chairperson of LYH at U. of T.,
could spare a little time to anwser my following questions?

	1. In your statement, you declared:

#  The stand of LYH executive committee in the struggle for democracy
# in China is firm and clear: we strongly condemn the brutal violence of
# the current Chinese Government in the crackdown of the student movement,

and you also made it clear that:

#  To my best knowledge, some U. of T. Chinese students were invited
# by the Chinese Consulate to attend the National Day Party, including some
# LYH members. Those attended only represented themselves and had
# absolutely nothing to do with the organisation of LYH.

Then I would wonder if any excutive members of LYH were invited by the 
Chinese Consulate and attended the National Day party? If any of them, 
including yourself, did so, does this act contradict what you claimed 
in the above about LYH's status in the democratic movement in China?
Futhermore, if any excutive memberes of LYH attended this party, whether
representing themselves or LYH, do the ordinary LYH members have a right
to know the fact, since they were elected by the members?

	2. You also stated that :

# LYH executive committee members have been active in the movement. LYH
# has been directly or indirectly involved in organizing the 'Save Wong
# Dan' and 'October 1st' protests. These are the facts nobody can deny.

Can you clearly describe LYH's involvement in such activities so that
nobody can deny your claim?

	3. Your another claim is that:

# (2) LYH is a social, not a political organization. 

Can you give us a definition of "social" and "political" organizations?
If you claim that LYH is not a political organization, does that imply
that LYH will keep silent in the fight for a democractic China?
Please don't forget that even many academic associations condemned the
brutal massacre by the Chinese government and suspended exchange programs
with China.

	4. You also said in your article that:

# Besides, there is a
# general consensus that the mainstream of struggle for democracy in the 
# near future is not more public rallies but other more effective means,
# including self-education. Future LYH organized activities in this respect
# will be based on the above considerations. 

Can you give us an outline of the future activities LYH will organize 
in this respect? We need solid proof, not just promises.

	5. I am confused by your following statememt:

# In addition, we believe that
# maintaining a working relationshim with the Chinese Consulate is in the
#               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
# interest of mojoritH members. In doing so, we will make sure that our
# stand in the demoratic movement is not compromised.
#                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

We need clarification how the "working relationship" is and will be 
maintained? Considering that the Chinese Consulate is the official 
representative of the current totalitarian regime in China, is it 
morally justified to accept money from the Consulate?

Declaration of the author:

This articale serves solely for the purpose of information clarafication.
No "ulterior motivation" is slightest intended or suggested.

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