[ut.chinese] Learn Techniques for Job Search

pan@me.utoronto.ca (JianHua Pan) (10/26/89)

ISC and The University of Toronto Career Centre is
helding a seminar for Visa Students. The details are:

Title:	Job Search Techniques for International Students

Date:	Thursday, October 26

Time:	4:00 -- 6:00 pm

Place:	Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building

The three speakers are: 
Martha Jones, Manager, Human Resources, Peat Marwick Thorne;
David Askew, Counselor, Career Centre, U. of T.;
Elizabeth Paterson, Director, ISC, U. of T.

The seminar is supposed to help you with job searching, 
resume writing, and handling job interviews. My personal feeling
is that it is worthy to attend.