[ut.chinese] News From Canadian Bureau for International Education

pan@me.utoronto.ca (JianHua Pan) (11/16/89)

Hi, netters. I'm helping Mr. Xu Jinshu to send the following news. 
Please direct all your response to him who is the vice-chairman of our
LYH. His office phone is: 978-4631.

Through the effort of the Chinese Student Secretariat, many companies
in Canada, are interested in hiring graduates in the following
1)	Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical)
2)	Accounting

Successful candidates will be working on locations in Canada, China, 
and/or other countries on joint-venture projects or regular domestic

Candidates must have a post-secondary degree/diploma in a relevant field
Work experience is preferred but not required.

Suitable candidates are urged to send their applications. They may send in 
their curriculum vtae, or use the application form designed by the 
Chinese Student Secretariat in Chinese and English, plus a covering letter,
if necessary, to furnish other relevant information to the companies.

Names of the Companies or Institutions.

Babcock and Wilcox, Canada

The Board of Education for the City of York
	(1)	Teacher aid
	(2)	Secretarial
	(3)	Caretaking

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
	(1)	Tellers
	(2)	Secretaries
	(3)	Clerical

Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security

Canadian National Railways (CN)
	(1)	Train operators
	(2)	Bridge designers
	(3)	Equipment repairs
	(4)	Data processors
	(5)	Others

The Carleton Board of Education
	(1)	Secretarial 
	(2)	Clerical
	(30	Teacher assistants
	(4)	Custodial	
	(5)	Teachers

The City of Winnipeg School Board Division No.1

Fort Gary School Division No. 5

The St. James-Assiniboia School Division No. 2

Halifax Port Corporation

Northern Telecom
	(1)	Engineering
	(2)	Information systems
	(3)	Finance

The Ottawa Board of Education

The Royal Bank of Canada

Teleglobe Canada
The Waterloo County Board of Education

PS.	A complete copy of above information has been put at
	the 35 Charles St. W., ground floor. However, somebody
	took them away without notice. I hope it will not
	happen the next time.