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                       -- Nov. 22 (I), 1989

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 Headline News  ....................................................  65
 1  China will restrict political activities in Hong Kong  .........  23
 2  Earthquakes Rock China, Iran  ..................................  11
 3  Chinese Government Protests U.S. Sanctions .....................  35 

Headline News
The Canadian Embassy in Beijing changed the visa application procedures
at the end of Oct.. All applicants must wait for half an year to have
an interview. What time to get the visa after the interview is not known.
My wife handed in the visa application at the beginning of this
November and was arranged to have an interview on April 4th next year.
She is applying for a visitor visa. Those who apply for a student visa
also meet the same problem.

                            -- ND special correspondent from Vancouver.

Editor's note: There has been quite a few cases where spouses of
students had been refused to give the visa. The reason is the tendency
of immigration.  After the refusal, the next possible  interview is
arranged half an year later. It is unclear that there would be
guarantee for visa approval  next time. This situation seems
abnormal. Related people who have spouses in China and they are applying
for a visitor visa may pay a closer attention to this matter now.

The Congress of US has passed HR-2712. The significance of this is that
upon approval by US president Bush, any Chinese who holds J-1 visa in US
can stay in US as long as s/he wishes. In other words, they will not
be forced to go back if they face any danger in China.
                                       From: xgu@kentev.bitnet

         After the establishments of FDC's  divisions  in Minnesoda and the Bay
         Area, Chinese students in  Hawaii  is  planning  to  set up FDC Hawaii
         division in December. It then will be the third FDC division in the US.
                                       From:simone@nyspi.bitnet (J.Yang)
                                       Source: World Journal, 11/20/89

         Representatives  of  democracy  organizations  from  New  York,  D.C.,
         Boston, Philadelphia,  New  Jersey,  and  Michigan  areas  has  held a
         meeting yesterday in New York  city.  All attendents agreed that it is
         now  necessary  for  Chinese  American  to  establish  an all-American
         democracy organization to  cooperate  its  activities with IFCSS, FDC,
         CDA (Chinese Democracy Alliance).
                                       From: simone@nyspi.bitnet (J. Yang
                                       Source: World Journal, 11/20/89

         The ceremony of naming the intersection in front of Chinsee council in
         New York into 'Tiananmen Square' will be held tommorow. Meanwhile, New
         York city council is  going  to  host  a  hearing for ecnomic sanction
         against CCP government.
                                       From: simone@nyspi.bitnet (J. Yang
                                       Source: World Journal, 11/20/89

         As people in Beijing refuse  to  buy the 'patriotic vegetables', there
         are 80,000 (kg) big white vegetables' in the city can not be sold out,
         and 200,000 (kg) in the farm ground have decayed.
                                       From: simone@nyspi.bitnet. (J. Yang)
                                       Source: World Journal, 11/20/89

         Reports say China's former  leader  retired earlier this month because
         he feared  he would "say crazy  things" as he aged. A pro-beijing Hong
         Kong newspaper quotes Deng  Xiaoping  (Dung  Shah-oh Ping) as saying a
         man tends to "become stubborn"  as  he grows older. He reportedly told
         senior officials his last function is to end the lifetime tenure among
         top government officials.
                                       From:    GREENMAN@MAINE
                                       Source:  AP Wire at 0957 E.S.T.

1. (AP) China will restrict political activities in Hong Kong
From:     "mr. yawei" <YAWEI@IUBACS>

BEIJING - Beijing  accused  US Congress  Monday  of  a ''disgusting performance of
power politics'' in approving economic sanctions against China.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Li Hou,  a  top Chinese official in Hong Kong affairs,
was quoted  as  saying  China  is  considering  measures  to restrict political
activity in Hong Kong after 1997.

The territory reverts to Chinese sovereignty in that year.

China said the U.S. bill, drawn  up  to  protest China's bloody quelling of the
pro-democracy movement  last  spring,  ''maliciously  vilifies  and attacks the
Chinese government.''

The bill has been sent to President Bush, who could veto it.

It calls for 2  years  of  trade  sanctions  including  a  freeze on exports of
satellites, helicopters  and  certain  nuclear  material,  and  a  halt to risk
insurance for American firms in China.

Chinese leaders called the bill an interference in China's affairs.

2. (AP) Earthquakes Rock China, Iran
From:     "mr. yawei" <YAWEI@IUBACS>

Strong earthquakes rocked portions of China and Iran Monday, killing a total of
six people and injuring dozens of others.

In China, two powerful earthquakes struck the southwestern province of Sichuan,
killing three people, injuring  five  and  destroying  several  homes.      The
quakes measured 5.2 and 5.4  on  the  Richter  scale of ground motion, said the
official Xinhua News Agency.  The  worst-hit  area  was in Jiangbei County near

3.  (AP) Chinese Government Protests U.S. Sanctions
From:     <CHENH@IUBACS>

BEIJING -  China  expressed  ''utmost  indignation''  Sunday  over pending U.S.
sanctions against it for its crackdown on pro-democracy protest last spring.

Vice Foreign Minister Liu  Huaqiu  lodged  a  strongly worded protest with U.S.
Ambassador James Lilley over the bill containing the sanctions, a U.S. diplomat
who sought anonymity said.

Congress has sent the measure to President Bush for signing.

Liu told Lilley China regards the  bill as interference in its internal affairs
''and hopes the U.S. government  will  take  action  to stop it,'' the diplomat

The bill protests the Chinese army's  violent attack on unarmed protesters June
3-4. The attack crushed a  movement demanding democratic, educational and other
social reforms.

The  Chinese  government   called   the  demonstrations  ''counterrevolutionary
turmoil'' instigated with help from overseas.

The bill, which Bush could veto,  imposes  2 years of trade sanctions including
suspension of trade assistance, halts  risk  insurance for American firms doing
business in China, and freezes exports of satellites, controlled munitions such
as helicopters and certain nuclear material and components.

In Bangladesh, Chinese Premier  Li  Peng  said  Western trade sanctions against
China because of its crackdown on dissent would backfire and hurt the countries
imposing the restrictions.

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