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wangt@math.toronto.edu (11/27/89)

Dear netters:

The Chairman of LYH, Mr. Jiang Xunhao, and I have met with the
director of ISC, Mrs. E. Paterson, and the associate manager
of School of Continuing Studies (SCS) of University of Toronto
several weeks ago. The purpose of the meeting was to get some
information regarding to a general concern about the policy change
of SCS to the applicants of ESL courses. The meeting was, unfortunately,
fruitless even we strongly mentioned our deep concerns.

Mrs. Paterson has consulted with the officials of Immigration Canada
about this issue. The reply is enclosed for your reference:

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We had a meeting on Thursday with the foreign service liaison officer and the
person responsible for the Asia desk at External Affairs on precisely this
topic. We learned a little, but not as much as we had hoped.
Visas for ESL courses are the bottom priority because so many are abusing
this so students should definitely not try to use this as a way to get their
families here. We were told that applicants (ESL) for visas would not be inter-
viewed until at least June and perhaps not even then. The officials are quite
sympathetic to families of students who are here. They are investigating the
best way to help you and will probably be holding an information meeting for
you as soon as they have all the information and the policies are clear. I will
contact you for help in letting others know about the meeting as soon as I hear
Meanwhile, students should WAIT. Do NOT enrol family in ESL.

To conclude:
If your spouse or friends is applying for a visa to Canada, please do not
use language school as an "exit". How to get a visa is still remain 
unclear yet. But if we have any such information, we will let you know.

P.S. If you have any question or suggestion regarding to this issue, please
send to "xgu@alchemy.chem"

Wang Ti