[ut.chinese] E.E. Students & Scholar Read This

lin@comm.toronto.edu (Lin Bin) (12/03/89)


	This piece of inform. might be important to students 
and scholars in Comput., Comm., Electronics and Wave Sci. group
	It turns out we need a new group liason (Zhu 3 Zhang 3)
for people in these groups. Anyone interested in could send me
a mail regarding this and should be appreciated by all the
other guys in these groups.

	From my experence, this position doesn't take you too
much time while it's sort of important when LYH needs to
contact each individual but E-mail can't help(This does happan
sometime,e.g., distributing New Year's Calender, Collecting
money for the subscription of newspaper). 

	The worst case might happen: No response until next 
next ... year, this means people in these groups will lose
other contacts with LYH except reading mails from utchinese.
All the newspaper subscribers will not receive any copy any

	Acually, this position is paticularly good for new
comers since it enables you to have more friends too.

	Any help would be appriciated.

-bin (lin@comsun.toronto)